Employment Opportunities

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

The Air-Sea Interaction & Remote Sensing (AIRS) department in Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington (APL-UW) is seeking a postdoctoral scientist (Research Associate) to join the “(Sub)mesoscale Group” led by Peter Gaube and Kyla Drushka. The group investigates oceanic physical and biological processes and their interactions. Of primary interest is the influence of mesoscale O(10-100 km) and submesoscale O(1-10km) features, including eddies, meanders, and fronts, on air-sea fluxes, marine ecosystem and ocean mixing. This is a full-time (100% FTE) appointment available as early as June 1, 2018 for an initial period of 18 months. An extension is possible based on progress and funding availability.

The Research Associate will be part of a NASA Ocean Salinity Science Team-funded project focused on characterizing (sub)mesoscale salinity structures and dynamics using in situ and satellite measurements of ocean salinity, temperature, color, and velocity. Data for the project will be collected during surveys off the Washington and Oregon coast on a small boat equipped with an underway CTD/optics/acoustics package (participation in the fieldwork is an option but not a requirement). These in situ survey data will be combined with satellite ocean color (OC) and sea surface temperature and salinity (SST and SSS) measurements. Specifically, the postdoc will explore techniques for combining high-resolution satellite OC/SST data with lower-resolution satellite SSS data to glean information about (sub)mesoscale salinity structures that cannot be achieved using measurements from one platform alone. In addition, the postdoc will use the in situ and satellite data to quantify the 3-dimensional structure and kinematics of (sub)mesoscale fronts, determine their temporal evolution, and quantify the sub-pixel variability in salinity that is not resolved by the current generation of salinity satellites. The position requires a background in satellite oceanography and experience with data analysis (e.g., Matlab, Python). Successful applicants must hold a recent (no more than 4-years) PhD or foreign equivalent in physical oceanography or a related science to assume a post-doctoral position.

A transition to permanent staff following the completion of the post-doc appointment is possible subject to availability of funds and the demonstration of an interest in developing independent research initiatives during the course of the post-doc appointment. Opportunities to collaborate with scientists across APL and the UW campus provide access to a broad range of expertise both during the post-doctoral research and as a permanent member of the staff.

The University of Washington is located in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, with a dynamic, multicultural community of 3.7 million people and a range of ecosystems from mountains to ocean. The University serves a diverse population of 80,000 students, faculty and staff, including 25% first-generation college students, over 25% Pell Grant students, and faculty from over 70 countries. The University promotes diversity and inclusivity among our students, faculty, and staff and the public; we seek applicants who are committed to these principles. Thus, we are strongly seeking applicants whose research, teaching, and/or service have not only prepared them to fulfill our commitment to inclusion, but have also given them the confidence to fully engage audiences in higher education from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. All UW faculty engage in research, teaching, and service.

The position offers salary commensurate with experience, as well as the University’s excellent comprehensive benefits package. Details are available at http://hr.uw.edu/benefits/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2016/05/BAAG-Faculty-9-mo-or-more-appointments.pdf).

Screening of applicants will begin on 1 February 2018; the position will be open until filled.

Application Instructions

Applications should be directed to Peter Gaube and Kyla Drushka via email to pgaube@apl.uw.edu and kdrushka@apl.uw.edu in one pdf file and should include:

  1. A curriculum vitae,
  2. A publication list
  3. A one page statement of research interests
  4. A copy of a recent peer-reviewed research article
  5. Contact details of three references.

Inquiries about the position can be directed to Peter Gaube or Kyla Drushka.

University of Washington is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.