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Sea turtles don’t just go with the flow, Physics Today, 22 Mar 2017: loggerhead sea turtles trajectory in the southwestern Atlantic ocean is correlated to the presence of eddies in a study that showed the animals preferred the interior of anticyclonic eddies generally low in chlorophyll concentration.

There’s a good reason great white sharks swim towards hurricanes, Business Insider, 2 Aug 2016: an article featured in Business Insider discussing the possible use of warm core eddies by great white sharks in the north Atlantic region to feed or help regulate their body temperature. These observations were the first of their kind as top predators were previously thought to favor the periphery of eddies rather than their interior to prey. (Also appears in Inside Science on 14 Mar 2016)

Great white sharks as oceanographic research platforms, YouTube, 3 May 2016: short video produced and edited by the Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington that explains how and why great white sharks are used as a research platforms and what we can learn from it.

What are mesoscale ocean eddies? from Peter Gaube on Vimeo.

A Short History of the Study of Mesoscale Ocean Eddies