The science and the weather ramp up

We’re heading east, a bit slower than before, but we are making good time.  The waves have come up a bit and the science is in full swing.  There are hundreds of measurements being made each hour, with countless continuous measurements of the ecosystems and physical environment, ranging from ocean properties to aerosols and clouds.

The wind has come up a bit and we are on tail end of a storm.  We will be following the storm for the next two days, but luckily we move at 11 knots and the storm is much faster.  Nevertheless, we expect 30 foot (10 meter) seas tomorrow.  I took a short video of the back deck today before the seas came up and they had to limit our access to avoid anyone being washed off the deck.  At the time the video was taken, the seas were no larger than about 15 feet (5 meters).  I have a bet going with some of the crew that the incubators (the plastic water filled boxes seen strapped to the deck on the video) won’t make it until morning.


A normal day on the North Atlantic aboard the R/V Atlantis from Peter Gaube on Vimeo.

For a more “human” perspective on the research and people aboard, follow Nicole’s blog. Nicole is a reporter who decided, last minute, why not spend a month in the middle of the North Atlantic, in November.