“They said, come to Baja, they said it would be warm”

Expanding on our ability to make cutting-edge measurements from small boats in the open ocean, we joined Capt. Perry Chrisler onboard the C’est si Bon to survey from Cabo San Luca, Mexico to San Diego, CA; the length of Baja.

Unfortunately, our primary instrument flooded on day 1.  We resorted to “old school” ocean observations measuring currents by differences in speed over ground versus speed through the water and making detailed notes on all that we saw.  We ended up proving that we are able to conduct (sub)mesoscale underway CTD survey from sailing ships using very little fuel and power and collect observations along fronts using binoculars and a note book.  As a bonus, we feasted on raw yellowfin tuna for 10 days.

In addition, both Cam and I learned a lot about sailing, and bashing, as they say. Unfortunately, after a long winter in the North, the two weeks we had in Baja were colder than either in Seattle or Boston, but hey, it wasn’t a vacation.

We will return, with more instruments, and always a spare of everything we put in the water.