When things sink

We collected a good amount of interesting data before the storm.  Come 2am, the storm was upon us and the winds swiftly picked up to 50 knots.  I thought my transducer pole would be safe if in the down position with the guide rope attached.  As it turns out, nothing was safe.

3am: Enjoying watching 30′ waves crush the stern of the ship.

4am: I realized that the pole might not fair well and decided to disconnect the echosounder.

5am: Capt. informs me that he doesn’t think the pole will make it through the storm (this is when the video was taken).  Front guide rope snaps.

6am: The pole breaks loose and is bashing the side of the ship as it hangs on with a single kevlar rope, captain send the crew to cut it loose.  I shed a tear and then start to plan on how to replace all the instruments.

Lesson learned, now I carry insurance.

Transducer pole on R/V Atlantis experiencing the brunt of a storm from Peter Gaube on Vimeo.